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Come and let us know today, how we can use our icici bank on our mobile. To Do So, First we need to go Google Play Store. You need to download application by icici bank. Type icici in the search , as you see iMobile by ICICI Bank. Click on the link and download the application. Now install this app and open it to do ICICI Mobile Banking.

icici imobile banking app

icici imobile banking app

One more thing you have to remember, on which device you want to use this application, registered mobile number must be inserted in the device. So use the mobile phone which has the registered SIM into it. Because there will be some internal sms generation and self verification process for activation. If the registered sim is not there some error will occur. So only registered mobile number is allowed to activate this online icici mobile banking. Now open this installed application. After that new window of icici bank will open click ok and got it. Now click on Activate Now button. Now there is some internal sms generation and verification process will start to Authenticate the account. Now your mobile number has been verified. Now you have two option to login, anyone you can follow:

  1. Option 1: This is not your Debit/ATM card pin. If you want to open this by 4 digit pin you need to create it here. When you open this app here it will ask the 4 digit pin Number.
  2. Option 2: If you follow the existing user id you need to put it every time when you login issued by bank.

Here I will use 4 digit pin method. Type any 4 digits what you can remember easily. Then click the submit button. Now exit everything and login again. For login again you will need to put the 4 digit pin that you have created for login.  You have to authenticate your account by your debit card details. You need to verify your account by inserting the number given on the grid panel back side of the Debit card known as the CVV number.  Now Activation is Completed.

Icici net banking


Now you can check your mini statement by clicking on the bank account. You can use this for any payment transfer. Every account details you can check here in your mobile. Every account that you have with icici mobile bank you can see here. For fund transfer you can use various payment methods as IMPS, NEFT, RTGS etc. You can use other services also by using this app. Other than cash deposit you can do here by your mobile like cheque book request etc.

Icici net Banking

Icici net Banking

Now see how to add new payee: 

First you need to login into your bank account by using pin. Now go to the fund transfer option. Now click on the add a new payee. For inter bank transfer you need to add other bank payee. Enter All the details of the payee, like name, account number, ifsc code etc and submit. You can check the payee what you have registered just now. In icici mobile banking  you can transfer fund to new payee after  30 min of confirmation.

Let us check how to transfer the fund to newly added payee

Go to fund transfer option. If you want to transfer the fund instantaneously then you have to follow the imps option. In NEFT you have to wait for 1 to 2 hrs for payment credit in payee account. Now select the payee for which you want to transfer the fund. Put the amount, fill the remark and submit. Now the payment successful & debited from your account and same credit to the payee, you can take screenshot for transaction slip. Now again you can check you mini statement to ensure the transaction status.

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